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By Roberto Saviano
Seven Stories Press. In progress.
(Gridalo, Bompiani, 2020)
A new book by Roberto Saviano, Gridalo (Shout it Out) is a close look at the mechanisms of propaganda, censorship and manipulation, and a shout against indifference. “There is a time in life when shouting is one’s only duty,” Giorgio La Pira, former mayor of Florence, once said. And Roberto Saviano says it loud and clear with a book whose title is already a cry, evocative, powerful, and exhortative. One critic described it as an ideal manifesto of freedom of thought, and of a way of being in the world, fighting tooth and nail against everything that tries to oppress and crush us. Saviano brings together a collection of unforgettable portraits of well-known figures from the past which, taken together, exemplify the author’s determination to amend injustice and abuses, and to shout aloud words forbidden by regimes.

By Cinzia Giorgio

HarperCollins, In progress

(Cinque sorelle, Newton Compton, 2021)
Cinzia Giorgio’s novel opens with Fendi's 90th anniversary fashion show at Rome’s Trevi Fountain, in 2016, where Veronica, the great-granddaughter of Maddalena Splendori Belladonna, is a model. Maddalena Splendori, who had been an artist’s model at age 17 in London, at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1904, later forged a close friendship with Adele Fendi, founder of the Fendi brand that became an emblem of Italian elegance and haute couture throughout the world. Maddalena and Adele recognize each other as kindred spirits who share the same independent, nonconforming and passionate spirit. The novel brings to life the story of a friendship so deep as to bind several generations of women.

y Claudia Petrucci
World Editions, In progress
(L'esercizio, La nave di Teseo, 2020
Claudia Petrucci’s debut novel, The Performance, published by La Nave di Teseo as L’esercizio in early 2020, has garnered much praise and attention; awarded the Premio Internazionale Flaiano (under 30), the book was also a finalist for the Premio John Fante Opera Prima 2020 for an emerging author’s first work. Striking in the novel is the aspect of manipulation by the two male characters, who attempt to reinvent the protagonist, Giorgia, based on their own projections of what they want her to be. Viewed from a feminist slant, it is disturbing and unsettling: a powerful, riveting portrayal of influence and control....


Il grande ritratto by Dino Buzzati
NYRB Classics, In progress
(Mondadori, 1960) 
Il grande ritratto is a 1960 novel by Dino Buzzati that tells the story of a scientist who becomes entangled with a large intelligent machine in which the woman he loves is reincarnated. From the opening pages the reader is drawn into circumstances that are unknown to him when Ermanno Ismani, an unassuming university professor, is summoned by the minister of defense to accept a two-year, unspecified, top-secret mission at an indeterminate remote location: a mysterious Center – a scientific laboratory of sorts – in a damp, cold, inhospitable, military-like setting. What interested me about a retranslation of Henry Reed’s Larger than Life (1962) was the opportunity to recast it in a different light now that views on science fiction have evolved. In the introduction to Mondadori’s 1981 edition (20 years after the book’s original publication), Maurizio Vitta suggested that the work had been harmed by the critics’ tendency to misunderstand it, instantly associating it with the general current of science fiction prevalent at the time.  


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