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All translations and writings included in these pages are © by Anne Milano Appel. All rights reserved.

Sample Translations ~ 

Chiara Valerio, Excerpt from Così per sempre

Sylvie Richterová, "Orizzonti dentro e fuori

Daniele Del Giudice, Excerpt from At the Museum in Rheims

Daniele Del Giudice, Excerpt from Movable Horizon

Daniele Del Giudice, Shipwreck with Painting

Excerpt, Desiati, Spatriati

Excerpt Ciabatti Sembrava bellezza

Excerpt Poddi, Quest'ora sommersa

Excerpt Frandino E' quello che ti meriti

From La più amata by Teresa Ciabatti

From Il Colibrì by Sandro Veronesi

From Le ferite originali by Eleonora C. Caruso

From L'animale femmina byEmanuela Canepa

From Almarina by Valeria Parrella

From E tu splendi by Giuseppe Catozzella

From Gli autunnali by Luca Ricci

From La frontiera by Alessandro Leogrande

"Translators," a poem by Juan Vicente Piqueras

From The Human Body by Paolo Giordano

From Three Light-Years by Andrea Canobbio

From Roderick Duddle by Michele Mari

From The Art of Joy by Goliarda Sapienza

From Blindly (Alla cieca) by Claudio Magris

From Perfect Pain by Ugo Riccarelli

From One-Track Mind by Ortensia Visconti

Mario Desiati, excerpt from the novel Ternitti

Dario Voltolini. “Beatrixpark: An Illumination”, a short story.

Laura Pugno. “Iceland”, a short story

From The Equilibrium of Sharks by Caterina Bonvicini
From The Summer We Fell From Grace (L'estate che perdemmo Dio) by Rosella Postorino
From When Things Happen (Le cose accadono) by Angelo Cannavacciuolo

From You Will Therefore Understand (Lei dunque capira`) by Claudio Magris
From The New Fire (Il fuoco nuovo) by Enzo Fontana
From Aqua-green (Verde Acqua) by Marisa Madieri
From Among the Lost Souls (Tra la perduta gente) by Enzo Fontana
From L’opposta riva by Fabiano Alborghetti
From Il silenzio by Gianni Palagonia
From Le ossa di Dio by Leonardo Gori
From I delitti del mosaico (The Mosaic Crimes) by Giulio Leoni
From I delitti della luce (The Luminance Conspiracy) by 
Giulio Leoni

From L'angelo del fango by Leonardo Gori
From La Finale by Leonardo Gori
From Lei è il mio peccato by Marco Bettini
Poems by Gaspare Bitetto
The Job Interview, a one-act play by Marco Badi
Like the Sea, a short story by Valentina Reginelli
Maja, a poem by Giuliano Corti

From Venice. Its Wood by Aline Cendon, photographs by Loris Dilena

Giotto Rediscovered: The Scrovegni Chapel by Sandra Minute, photographs by Guido Baviera

The Best Part, a Short story by Diana Lama

The Abandoned Garden, a Short story by Elena Gianini Belotti
The Dark Side of the Heart, a Short story by Carlo Lucarelli
From Head Above Water, a Novel by Stefano Bortolussi
The Face, a Short story by Isabella Messina
From a Museum Catalog
Poems by Eugenio Montale

Toscana II (Reardon)

Essays and Reviews~

Article: "On Translating Magris: ‘Closelaboration’ with a Difference." Forum Italicum, 47:3, November 2013, pp. 617 - 632.
“A conversation with Claudio Magris” on the occasion of the publication in English of his novel Blindly by the Margellos World Republic Of Letters, Yale University Press. Yale Press Log, 201
Article: "Plowing Magris' Sea: Blindly, With Eyes Wide Open"
Article: “Skirting the Juniper Brambles: A Translator
Narrowly Misses Getting Trapped in the Copyright Thicket” (with Erach F. Screwvala) ATA Chronicle, April 2015.
Translating Andrea Canobbio’s Three Light-Years 2014
Article: “Another Jog Through the Juniper” (with Jeffrey S. Ankrom), ATA Chronicle, February 2011.
Article: “In the Garden of Betrayal” (based on Giorgio Bassani’s essay “Il giardino tradito”), Forum Italicum, Fall 2010.

“Paradoxically Invisible: The Literary Translator's Providence”, Translorial, May 2008, pp. 10-11.
Article: "Reviewing Translated Literature—Through a Glass Darkly?"

Review of Gregory Rabassa’s If This Be Treason: Translation and its Dyscontents, a Memoir 
Article: “New Italian Narrative: the Under 30 Generation of ‘Gli Intemperanti’”
Article: “Tongue snatchers: tradurre verso la seconda lingua”
Article: “Gli estremi del ‘ricordo’: La traduzione come ‘Figura’”
Article: “The Dante Solution: Fratellanza and Deep Ecology” 
Article: Operation 'Knights Errant': In Search of the Holy Grail of Visibility
Article: Behind the Mirror: Now We See Her, Now We Don't
Article (with Carol J. Marshall): "A Jog Through the Juniper", ATA Chronicle, July 2002.
Translator's Unhappy Excursion into the Copyright Thicket
Article: Extremes of "Remembering": Translation as "Figura"
Review of Christopher Taylor's book: Language to Language, A practical and theoretical guide for Italian/English translators

Piemonte (Reardon)

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